Potomac Chase, LLC. is a non-emergency medical transportation provider. We are committed to providing high quality service to our customers throughout Maryland, Virginia and the Washington, DC Metro area. We provide professional, door-to-door non-emergency medical transportation which is available to all people. Our specialized transportation responsibilities include but are not limited to: senior citizens, people using wheelchairs and parents and children with special needs. Our services are for private citizens, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies/HMOs, nursing or private group homes, and assisted living facilities. We assist clients from the time of pick-up to drop-off and ensure that they arrive to their destination safely and on time. Our highly trained staff members are dedicated to respond with promptness, sensitivity and integrity Our relationships with our clients is the foundation of our business, and we treat every interaction and ride with compassion, respect, and a personal touch. We value our client relationships with a heightened sense of responsibility that makes us the non-emergency transportation provider of choice


At Potomac Chase, our mission is to provide personalized, safe, comfortable, and courteous non-emergency transportation services for seniors and persons with disabilities. Our friendly and professional drivers are experts at providing non-emergency medical transportation and are trained to provide reliable, timely transportation services using a wheelchair and any other accommodations to assist the elderly “door to door”. Potomac Chase is fully committed to meeting all of our client’s non-medical transportation needs. We serve many different organizations in the Washington Metropolitan area including schools, hospitals, medical clinics, adult day centers, nursing homes, dialysis centers, doctor’s offices and more. We also transport individuals and families to and from appointments, or simply when they need a ride.


Potomac Chase offers a range of transportation solutions that yield the highest levels of service quality, safety, and consumer satisfaction in the industry. Our clean and comfortable vehicles can transport patients to a variety of appointments and/or procedures. Private physicians, treatment clinics, dialysis facilities, imaging and diagnostic centers, medical laboratories, medical research centers and so many other healthcare providers rely on Potomac Chase to transport elderly and disabled patients. Here are a few examples of the transportation services we provide:


From large hospitals to private clinics, we ensure medical passengers arrive on time and get home safely. Our full vehicle fleet is available 24-7 to assist with late discharges and early appointments


We provide wheelchair-lift-equipped vehicles and a team of specialty-trained Field Service Representatives who are deeply experienced with wheelchair transportation


We provide specialty transportation for school districts nationwide, serving students with special needs and disabilities. Whether your students need rides at odd times or from distant and non-traditional locations, we can ease your district’s transportation burden