Potomac Chase offers a range of transportation solutions that yield the highest levels of service quality, safety, and consumer satisfaction in the industry. Our clean and comfortable vehicles can transport patients to a variety of appointments and/or procedures. Private physicians, treatment clinics, dialysis facilities, imaging and diagnostic centers, medical laboratories, medical research centers and so many other healthcare providers rely on Potomac Chase to transport elderly and disabled patients. Here are a few examples of the transportation services we provide:


From large hospitals to private clinics, we ensure medical passengers arrive on time and get home safely. Our full vehicle fleet is available 24-7 to assist with late discharges and early appointments


We provide wheelchair-lift-equipped vehicles and a team of specialty-trained Field Service Representatives who are deeply experienced with wheelchair transportation


We provide specialty transportation for school districts nationwide, serving students with special needs and disabilities. Whether your students need rides at odd times or from distant and non-traditional locations, we can ease your district’s transportation burden

Rides for individuals and families

Whether you need a ride to the local grocery store or your loved one needs assistance getting to or from an appointment, we’re here for you. Our professional drivers are specially trained to serve passengers with special needs and disabilities.

At Potomac Chase, we combine high-tech solutions, innovative business practices as well as an unyielding commitment to quality and consumer service to create a new standard for non-emergency transportation services in the Washington Metropolitan area. Not only do we provide non-emergency transportation services, we also offer:
  • Airport and Train Transport
  • Casino Tours
  • Charter Services
  • Concert transportation
  • Day Tours
  • Games and Sporting Events
  • Special Occasions
  • Sightseeing
  • Shuttle Services
  • Student Travel
  • ….and more